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Accredited Marshal Scheme - Update by Simon Bedford

Thanks for your interest in the Accredited Marshals Scheme. (AMS) 

The situation in the South East region for 2018 is good, with authority to use the scheme in Surrey, East & West Sussex and Kent.

We successfully ran 10 races in 2016, 25 races in 2017, and we plan to run 40 races in 2018 across the 3 counties!

Training courses in the SE Region ran in March 2018, there will be one more training session on 7th July 2018 near Guildford, we plan on 3 further courses in early 2019.

When confirmed the link to the next course and other courses available is here (if you don’t mind travelling, please let me know if you enrol on a course in another region)

Training takes 4 hours and has a short online module to complete beforehand.

Following training you are required to attend and marshal as a trainee at 5 events in order to complete the training and become accredited. Upon successful completion of training you are expected to attend 5 races a year (including your 5 trainee races), get a free Bronze membership or the value off a higher level of membership and receive a waterproof jacket.

You can claim 20p per mile for travel expenses to and from an event as soon as you have attended the training course.

AMS is vitally important to the future of road racing, increasing safety for the riders and the public and improving the reputation of races in local areas. Your support will be key in this, having the lawful authority to stop traffic at a junction with a designated sign enables the race to pass safely and professionally through.

To register interest please email  with - BC number (if a member), Name, Address, email, telephone number.

Thanks you again for your interest and support, please feel free to pass this on to your friends, clubs and groups for more volunteers.

All enquiries to