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Racing Guide - Track


Track Cycling's traditional race season is throughout the spring, summer and into early autumn. Indoor velodromes also hold racing throughout the winter.

British Cycling's guide to getting into track cycling.

Where to start

The South East region has two outdoor velodromes, the all weather, floodlit Herne Hill Velodrome in south London, and Preston Park Velodrome in Brighton. Two indoor velodromes, one at Lee Valley Velopark (the 2012 Olympic velodrome) in East London, and Calshot Velodrome near Southampton are just outside the region, but still close to many South East riders. 

Most velodromes run a variety of training sessions and can hire track bikes to give riders their first taste of track riding.

Herne Hill Velodrome runs youth introductory sessions on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Senior introductory sessions are on Saturday afternoons, as well as additional sessions for more experienced riders.

Sussex Cycle Racing League runs all ages training sessions on Friday evening during the racing season.

British Cycling South East run our own regular youth cluster sessions and senior cluster sessions at Lee Valley, which do not usually require accreditation. 

Many clubs will hire closed velodromes for their own dedicated training sessions. Find a club using the club finder, or if you are already in a club, consider booking a session by contacting the venues listed above.

Lee valley requires riders to have passed it's accreditation training sessions before taking part in their public sessions and racing. Herne Hill also requires senior riders to pass a similar accreditation.

Local Racing

Once you've got some experience from training sessions, the natural progression is to try racing. Almost all velodromes hold a regular Track League - friendly, low key weekly racing. Herne Hill and Lee Valley require riders to have passed their accreditation sessions in order to race.

Herne Hill Velodrome, South London, SE24 9HE
Herne Hill Velodrome Track League, Wednesday evenings, April-September, All ages
Herne Hill Velodrome Womens Track League, monthly Saturday evenings, April-September, Women over 14 only
Herne Hill Velodrome Verterans Track League, monthly Saturday evenings, April-September, Over 40s only
Herne Hill Velodrome Sprinters Track League, monthly Saturday evenings, April-September, over 14s only

Preston Park Velodrome, Brighton, BN1 6LA
No racing while track is repaired - Sussex Cycle Racing League

Lee Valley Velodrome, East London, E20 3AB
Lee Valley Senior Track League (Eastern Region), Mondays and Thursdays in winter, seniors only.
Lee Valley Youth and Junior Track League (Eastern Region), Thursdays in winter, youth and juniors only.

Calshot Velodrome, near Southampton, SO45 1BR
Calshot Cycle Racing League (South Region), Sundays in winter, all ages.

Palmer Park Velodrome, Reading, RG1 3PA
Reading Track League (Central Region, Monday evenings in summer, all ages.

Road and track races use the same age catagory system.

Be aware that all under 18 categories are subject to British Cycling gear restrictions.

Regional Racing

Weekend "open" meetings attract riders from all age categories from further afield, and often attract a higher level of competition. Herne Hill hosts the most open meetings of any velodrome in the country. Use the filters on the British Cycling calendar to find other track events in and outside the region. Some regional races may require pre-entry, and almost all national events will.

Aspiring youth riders should compete in the Regional Youth Omnium series. 3 local rounds, from which the top riders qualify for a national final. In 2015, South East riders can choose between two area series to compete in. London (Wewlyn, Lee Valley and Herne Hill), or South (Bournemouth, Reading and Brighton).

Throughout winter, British Cycling's Regional Performance Pathway team run the well-respected monthly track Regional School of Racing (RSR) sessions for under 16 riders. Competent track racers are nominated by their Go-Ride club to attend. For more information contact our Regional Performance Pathway Coach.

Herne Hill and Preston Park alternate holding the regional championships, usually in August or September.

National Racing

Experienced senior track riders should try the Hard Track Endurance League, Women's Omnium League and Sprinters Leagues, which have rounds across the country, including a number of events in the South East.

The youth national track championships are held in August in Manchester and the senior national track championships are held in Manchester at the end of September

The regions top 4 boys and top 4 girls will be selected to represent the South East every September at the Inter-Regional/UK School games. Contact the team manager to be considered.

Top youth riders may be selected for the Olympic Development Apprentice (ODA) programme, the progression on from the RSR sessions on the GB Cycling Team Performance Pathway.


BC South East Track Session at Lee Valley Velodrome



Go Ride Racing at Herne Hill Velodrome



Open Meeting at Herne Hill Velodrome



Regional Youth Omnium at Preston Park



Track League at Herne Hill Velodrome



Uk School Games Track Team