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Racing Guide - Cyclo-cross


Cyclo-cross is the traditional winter discipline of cycling. In recent years it has enjoyed a massive resurgence, especially in the South East. Races range from 10 minutes for U10s, to 1 hour for senior riders. Courses are often on grassy fields, mixed with woodland paths with occasional tarmac and sandy sections. Most riders use dedicated cyclo-cross bikes - very similar to road bikes, but with different brakes and knobbly tires. At local level races, many newer riders compete on mountain bikes.

British Cycling's guide to getting into cyclo-cross.

Where to start

As with all discplines of cycling, one of the best ways to learn a new area of cycling is to join a club who take part in that discpline.

British Cycling South East run cyclo-cross rider development sessions before, and during the cyclo-cross season, most commonly at Herne Hill Velodrome and Cyclopark. However, many riders with experience in road or mountain biking should have enough experience to just try a race straight off.

Cyclopark and Herne Hill Velodrome also both run cyclo-cross/mountain bike holiday coaching sessions most school holidays, as well as other sessions advertised via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cyclopark also hosts British Cycling South East's cyclo-cross Club Cluster of Training, run in conjunction with Team Darrenth. Open to youths and seniors and running from September to January on Tuesday evenings.

Local Racing

Cyclo-cross is a technical discipline, but it is fun, friendly and everyone can find their own competition within the race - making it one of the best disciplines to start your racing career in.

British Cycling South East can lend females and under 23 males cyclo-cross bikes to help them try out their first races. Contact the Go-Ride team.

Due to the popularity of cyclo-cross, the South East now has it's own Summer Series in South London- a short pre-season series, prefect for trying cyclo-cross for the first time before the courses get muddier.

The South East region is lucky to host the majority of the rounds of the London and South East League - one of the most popular cyclo-cross leagues in the country. The league comprises of around 15 rounds across the region.

Many Go-Ride clubs will run cyclo-cross/mountain bike Go-Ride Races for novice youth racers. Find them use the filters on the British Cycling calendar.

Cyclo-cross uses the same age category system as road and track except riders move up to their new catagory on September 1st, rather than January 1st.

Regional and National Racing

South East and Eastern regions share their regional championships and alternate hosting duties. It is usually held in December. The London League calendar will list the date.

For riders excelling in the local leagues, the National Trophy series runs with rounds across the country. The National Championships are usually held in January.

The regions top 4 riders in all age and gender categorys can represent the London League at the Inter-Area Team Championships in November. Contact the team manager to be considered.


London League Race by Huw Williams
London League Race by Huw Williams
London League Race by Huw Williams
London League Race by Huw Williams
Regional Cyclo-Cross Team
London League Race by Huw Williams