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 South East Region Commissaires' Conference - 11th October 2019


 As a valued Commissaire or Trainee Commissaire within our Region
you are invited to attend a meeting of all of the Regions Road Commissaires.

Food will be provided for the evening -
if you have any dietary requirements please mention this in the return email.

 11th October 2018

7:00 for 7:30pm

Address: The Hobbit Room, The Warren,
Metropolitan Police Sports Club Hayes Ltd,
Croydon Road, Hayes, Bromley,
Kent, BR2 7AL

Phone: 020 8462 1266

The meeting will be chaired by Vern McClelland - Senior National Road and Track Commissaire,
along with Luke Anderson - S.E. Cycling Delivery Manager, 
Richard Hemsley - Cycle Sport Risk Assessor and 
Phil Weber the region’s new Regional Events Officer.
The meeting is intended to see what we, as a Board, can do to help you with any potential problems or views you may have or suggestions to improve things and to garner as much information as possible so that we, as a Region, can plan our 2019 Calendar with confidence that we are going to be able to run the programme of events that our promoters would like to put on.
We also believe that bringing you all together will help share some of the ‘best practice’ procedures learnt over many years officiating!

 NB The venue is some considerable way outside of Kent, so please do not use public transport to Bromley station as the venue is closer to Coney Hall / Keston driving is recommended and there is ample parking at the Warren











Kim Anderson - Regional Badge of Honour

Kim Anderson was awarded the Regional Badge on Honour at Cyclopark today (Saturday 27th January 2018) by the Regional President Peter Ansell

Citation agreed at the 2017 Regional AGM:

Kim and Preston Anderson began administering the South East Road Race League (SERRL) in 2003, taking full organisational control in 2004 as the other administrator stood down. At this time the League ran about 10 races for Cat 1-3 riders.

Over the coming years Kim was keen to improve standards of events and was influential in developing and introducing online entry, chip timing and the use of National Escort Group, motorcycle outriders. All of which is now standard across the South East Region.

By 2008 the SERRL was running around 30 races a year on roads and around 8 winter series events at Fowlmead. In 2011 they began a successful Evening Series at CycloPark which ran for 3 years before a commercial organiser took it over in 2015. In 2012 the SERRL piloted a Race Coaching series which was a sell-out and these session plans became the basis of current SERRL & Surrey League Race Coaching sessions.

In 2014 the League promoted 36 events, with Kim taking sole control in 2015 running 28 events. Kim ran a further 24 events until October 2016 when she decided to retire.

Kim’s retirement in 2016 only served to highlight her dedication and the significant amount of time and effort she put into her role. The long lasting impact her involvement had was demonstrated when the League had to search hard to find anyone prepared to do what she had done for nearly 13 years.

Kim’s dedication and contribution to Regional racing has seen the South East Road Race League continue to grow and evolve through the years and establish itself as a well-known and well respected part of the racing scene in the South East Region, providing a rider pathway from beginners to Elite level riders across a variety of promotions. For this the South East Regional Board offers its profound thanks.

DUkyjh_W0AE58M6.jpgKim Anderson being presented with medal by President Peter Ansell 


Kim's response:

Many thanks for this award and to whoever nominated me. I am given to understand the award is rarely given.

Bikes have always been a part of my family especially when Luke started to take up racing. Treasured bikes making their home in the house and even in the bedrooms!

We were members of the Wigmore CC and enjoyed taking Luke to races. Both Preston and myself volunteered to marshal at time trials on many occasions.  On midweek evenings I would rush home from work, pack both Luke and Kate and bike into the car and rush up to Herne Hill or Crystal Palace twice a week for evening racing and, of course, not forgetting good old Eastway at weekends.

As time moved on, Preston and I attended the SERRL AGM where both Vic Hopkins and Bill Lewis announced their retirement from the League.  Paul Bridgeland took over but soon realised it was too much to do on his own, so not wanting the League to die in 2004 I became involved as Organiser when only a handful of races were being run.  At the time I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for as I also had a full time job.  But when you commit yourself, you make time.  I’m very glad I did, I enjoyed the buzz of race day and always relished seeing a group of 60 odd riders ready to race their socks off.

But let me say, I couldn’t have carried out my role as Organiser without the huge support from a group of people who also put in time and energy into the successful running of the League road race events.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people now:

Adrian Kingwell who came out to every race, took care of the Line Judging and made sure your results were at HQ when you finished racing.  A thanks too to Grant Hood who undertook to learn the pros and cons of Line Judging, not an easy job, and stepped in when Adrian was not available.

Luke Anderson who back in the day spent hours managing the points system, setting up the initial website and taking on the huge responsibility of the GC points spreadsheets when we ran stage races.

Kate Hood who took on the role as First Aider and had her hands full on occasions but always managed situations with great professionalism and care.  I know of riders who have had the misfortune to be involved in a crash often took time to express their appreciation after the event on her kindness, prompt action and delivery of expertise.

The NEG guys who turned out every race day.  The certainly gave me as Organiser peace of mind that riders would be protected to the highest possible standard whilst racing and without them races would not have been run on many an occasion.

Nat Spurling from RiderHq who helped me out so many times with my IT dumbness!!  I can’t applaud him enough for his patience, time and friendly way, nothing was too much trouble, I can’t thank him enough.

It was a good day when on the 3rd attempt, we secured a cash award for the purchase of the transponder system. I believe SERRL was the first league to put them in use and what a difference that made to race day!! Along with being the first to use the transponder system, we gave thought to creating our own group of NEG guys.  A priority was always to keep riders safe so we distributed fliers and along came Ian Terry, Russ Saunders and more to follow.  What a team!!  I had the best group of NEG guys I could wish for who gave me 100% confidence that the race would be managed in a truly professional manner.

The League was eventually taking shape and growing with on-line entries, a first for the League on RHQ as an added bonus.

I am pleased that this award has been presented to me at Cyclopark.  SERRL and Cyclopark go back a long way. We were asked to run the first races here whilst this building was being built.  We operated out of a metal container at first then progressed to a port a cabin.   It was some comfort when this building was completed and at last we came in from the cold for signing on.

As I mentioned, way back in 2004 I took on this role as a volunteer.  I rocked up at HQ at 8am loaded with race equipment and from there on went into gear to get the race on the road.   If needed, I also enjoyed marshalling or drove the commissaires around the courses.  I especially liked meeting all the riders at the signing on desk!  All these things I had never done before. So if you have a spare 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday to marshal or drive a convey vehicle or would like to try your hand as a commissaire, let Alan know, I am sure he would be happy to hear from you.  I hope Alan receives some thank yous at the end of a race for all his hard work.  I know I did and it made it all worthwhile.

And finally, I am so glad Alan took over the role as Organiser.  It’s good to know it’s in safe hands, thriving and still alive and kicking.

Calling road Junior men racers

British Cycling South East are putting together a men's team to race at National road junior events.

If you already race at National level, or aspire to race at National level, make your application to the Regional Secretary,

With your application submit your results of the last two seasons.