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South East Region Bye Laws

1.    This Region shall be known as South East Region of the British Cycling Federation.

2.    (a). The Regional Board shall be made up of 16 elected members comprising: Three National required appointments of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. A minimum of one Vice Chair shall be available to support the Chair as required and shall otherwise Chair Regional Board meetings in the absence of the Chair. The Region may elect a Regional President. The Board to appoint a Regional Competition Administrator and as necessary a Regional Commissaire Coordinator and one or more Regional Accredited Marshal Coordinator(s).   

(b). The election of a President shall be from British Cycling members of at least 10 years membership. A candidate for election shall be nominated in the Regional Council agenda by the retiring Board. This shall not preclude other nominations providing it has been proposed and seconded and are included in the agenda. No President shall hold such office for more than three consecutive years and after holding office for the maximum period shall not be eligible to stand during the succeeding three years.

The President shall have the right to stand for election of any SE Region office. The President may attend all meetings of the Board and to propose resolutions and vote thereon. He shall be entitled to represent the SE Region at Regional Championship events and any other appropriate events. Upon retirement they will automatically become a Past President.

(c). Past President shall be entitled to attend General Meetings but not to vote unless qualified to do so as a British Cycling member; attend meetings of the Regional Board in an advisory capacity but without a vote unless as an elected official.

(d). In case of the Region Chair or Vice Chair(s) being absent from a meeting, they shall decide upon a suitable temporary Chair from members of the Board for the purposes of that one meeting only.

(e). In case of a Regional Board member resignation, death or otherwise inability to continue in post, the next meeting of the Regional Board shall decide upon a course of action to replace or continue without such replacement as the Regional Board agrees appropriate.

3.    The Region Board shall convene meetings on no less than four occasions per annum including the Annual Meeting, the National Council Mandate Meeting and any Extra Ordinary General Meeting as may be so called.

4.    The Board shall establish Workgroups if required.  The Chair of each shall be the facilitator to the Workgroup, the control of which shall be vested in the Region. Each Workgroup shall meet on a regular basis and shall submit a quarterly written report to the Region Board with a copy to the corresponding HQ Department.

5.    At each meeting the Board shall take reports from each of the appointed Workgroups.

6.    In addition to the above reports the Board shall provide to the Chief Executive of British Cycling Federation an Annual Report as a statement of the Regions progress.

7.    Any Board member not attending three consecutive meetings of the Board without adequate written explanation may have their position on the Board terminated, if the Board so votes and in any such vote only a simple majority shall be required for such termination.

8.    No member shall be nominated/elected to/for a position on the Board unless present at the meeting or having previously indicated in writing their permission for such nomination/election to be made.

9.    The Regional Board shall be entitled to establish any sub-committee or sub-groups as it sees fit on either a task specific or geographical model. Any such body shall not, however, gain any additional rights beyond its reporting role to the Board.

10.    The Region shall elect annually National Councilors in accordance with the provisions of the British Cycling Federation bye laws.

11.    Each Region may, by a process of written nomination and agreement at its’ Annual General Meeting, introduce additional Bye Laws. Any such Bye Laws must firstly be agreed with the British Cycling Federation Board and shall not, however, contravene the following: Memorandum and Articles of Association, Bye Laws and Technical Regulations of the Federation or the Region Bye Laws prescribed by the Federation Board.

12.    The Region shall promote a clear Equity Policy and shall not discriminate in terms of sex, colour, disability, creed or sexual orientation.

13.    The Region Board shall be entitled to establish a Regional levy to be imposed upon each entrant to events sanctioned within their territory. The level of such levy shall be established at any General Meeting.

14.    The Region shall encourage a balanced competition calendar. This shall include Regional Championships across as wide a range of disciplines as possible.

15.    Each Region shall establish and maintain a Regional Squad. The Squad should cater for as many disciplines of the sport as possible.

16.    All Clubs/teams, except where registered as a UCI team, based within the Region shall register their colours and design with the Regional Secretary. Approval for any change to said design should be sought from the Regional Board via the Secretary in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Federation.

17.    In fixing dates for the calendar of events for the forthcoming season, any open event, which has been satisfactorily promoted for the previous two years, shall be given priority for the corresponding date when applications are made for the forthcoming season.

18.    Where an individual, club or organisation borrows or hires equipment belonging to the Federation or Region, it shall be held in trust to keep safe such equipment and to return in same condition as when possession was taken, excepting reasonable wear and tear. Any deterioration or loss beyond such limits shall be made good at the expense of the borrower/hirer.

19.    It shall be an offence for an individual, club or organisation to retain any item(s) of property belonging to the Federation or Region beyond the date specified upon issue, or a reasonable period as may be subsequently agreed by the Board. In such circumstances of late return, the Board reserves the right to charge the borrower for any loss and expense which may have occurred and/or take disciplinary action against the party involved.

20.    All Clubs/teams affiliated to the Region shall assist with reasonable requests for assistance with the Promotion of Regional Championships. No rider from a Club/team that fails to carry out its agreed duty will be allowed to start in that Championship.

10 September 2018