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Results - John Barclay's Junior trips to Belgium

Major Events

25th Feb
5th Matt Shaw; 25th Oscar Mingay; 35th  ??; plus 5th Team

18th Mar
GUIDE REYBROUCK CLASSIC UCI 1-1 166 Riders  29 Teams
6th Jim Brown; 7th Matt Shaw;10th Oscar Mingay; plus 3rd Team

14/15th April
COUPE DE FRANCE TWO DAY 126 riders 16 teams

Stage one time trial 4th Theo Modell; 39th Tom Gloag; 43rd Tom Dussek

Stage two RR 4th Matt Shaw; 28th Brecon Burnett; 29th Oscar Mingay

GC 4th Theo Modell plus 9th Team

21st April
RECORD BANK E3 JUNIORS 152 riders 26 team
4th Jim Brown; 6th Matt Shaw; 44th Oscar Mingay; plus 4th Team

10th May
OMLOOP DER 3 PROVINCES 136 riders 24 teams
14th Finley Newmark; 19th Matt Shaw; 22nd Dylan Westley plus 6th team

24th June
BEKKER VAN BELGIUM 138 riders  24 teams
5th Finley Newmark; 19th Matt Shaw; 97th Leuan Woods 19th Team

6/9th July
SINT MARTINUSPRIJS FOUR DAY 174 riders 30 teams                           

Stage one TTT     7th 

Stage two: 87th Tom Dussek; 95th Theo Modell; 107th Finley Newmark

Stage three ITT: 22nd Leo Hayter; 56th Finley Newmark; 84th Tom Dussek

Stage four: 28th Matt Shaw; 50th Tom Dussek; 61th Theo Modell

Stage five: 16th Matt Shaw; 47th Tom Dussek; 83rd Leo Hayter

GC placings: 59th Leo Hayter; 77th Matt Shaw; 107th Theo Modell; Team result 17 th  

25th July
FLANDERS TROPHY 123 riders 22 teams
25th Theo Modell; five riders DNF plus 15th Team!!  only 44 riders finished

28th July
JOHAN MUSEEUW CLASSIC 126  riders  23 teams
9th Theo Modell; 21st Toby Perry; 55th Finley Newmark plus 4th Team

15th July
GP De CONINCK 118 riders 21 teams
10th  Oliver Knight; 14th Leo Hayter; 22nd Finley Newmark plus 3rd team

17th September
KEIZER DER JUNIORES 108 riders 19 teams
2nd Jim Brown; 18th Finley Newmark; 21st Leo Hayter plus 3rd team

Local Races

3rd March
Lierde Kermess 112 riders
7th Theo Modell; 22nd Toby Perry; 41st Leo Hayter

4th March
De Klijte Kermess 74 riders
6th Theo Modell; 10th Finley Newmark; 34th Toby Perry

10th March
Outrijve Kermess 104 riders
6th Toby Perry; 18th Leo Hayter; 21st Tom Portsmouth

11th March
Knesselare Kermess 107 Riders
4th Tom Gloag; 17th Alex Haines; 22nd Toby Perry                               

8th  September
Vladslo Kermess
8th  Harry Horseman;        16th Lawrence Coyle

9th September
Outrijve Kermess
14th Harry Horseman: 16th Lawrence Coyle

22nd September
Lichtervelde Kermess
2nd Leo Hayter; 6th Finley Newmark; 12th George Mills-Keeling

23rd September
Bavegem Kermess
2nd Finley Newmark; 3rd Leo Hayter; 8th Tom  Gloag

6th October
Heestart  Kermess
9th Tom  Gloag; 24th Toby Per

7th October
Knesselare Kermess
6th Toby Perry; 7th Tom Gloag


Results - John Barclay's Junior trips to Belgium

Major events

26th Feb
Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne UCI 1-1 
13th Jacob Vaughan plus 18th place and 9th team

19th March
Guido Reybrouck Classic UCI 1-1 
1st Jacob Vaughan plus 5th Tom Pidcock and 1st team

26th March
Nations Cup
14th Rhys Britton plus 19th and 28th and 10th team

23rd April
E3 Harelbeke UCI 1-1
5th Jacob Vaughan plus 21st; 22nd and 3rd team

25th June
Arend der Juniors
1st Jacob Vaughan plus 27th; 35th and 1st team

7th - 10th July
Sint Martinusprijs Four Day
St 1 TTT 1st South East
St 2  3rd; 13th; 14th
St 3 ITT 14th; 15th
St 4  9th
St 5  7th;10th;17th
Final GC placings 11th  Jacob Vaughan plus 14th ; 24th; and 2nd team

21st July
GP Dimitri de Franco
1st Charles Page plus 3rd; 5th; 6th; 17th and 1st team

26th July
Flanders Trophy
1st Oliver Robinson plus 11th; 17th and 1st team

5th August
Johan Museeuw Classic
1st Oliver Robinson plus 5th; 7th; 8th; 10th and 1st team

19th August
Ingelmunster Classic
6th Jacob Vaughan plus 23rd; 43rd plus 8th team

20th August
Omloop der Vlaamse Gewesten
18th Joe Hill plus 22nd; 43rd and 8th team

Local races

4th March
Harelbeke local race
1st  Charles Page plus 3rd; 4th; 5th; 7th; 8th; 9th & 10th

5th March
De Klijte local race 1st   Jacob Vaughan plus 2nd; 3rd; 6th and 7th

15th April

Geluveld  local race 1st Jacob Vaughan plus 3rd; and 4th

29th April
Gullegem 33rd; 41st; 49th

30th April
Zulzuke 30th

6th May
Kappart 6th; 14th; 52nd

11th June
Wervick 18th

 1st July
Deinze  2nd Jacob Vaughan plus 9th and 27th

2nd July
Zandvoorde  1st Jacob Vaughan plus 11th; 26th and 40th

6th August
Torhout 1st Jacob Vaughan plus 3rd ; 4th and 6th

2nd Sept
Zonnebeke 9th; 13th; 16th

16th Sept
Sint Denijs 19th and 27th

17th Sept
Kluisbergen-Ruien 1st  Jacob Vaughan plus 16th; 35th

Total of 38 days racing


Junior Tour of Wales

The team came 16th of 22 teams in the end which I was happy with as 2 of our 4 riders are developing riders. 

Full results

We gained 2 podium places in the race with :

Ollie Robinson 3rd on stage.5

Tobias Dahlhaus 3rd on Stage.5 



Ollie also 9th in green jersey and Tobias 12th on final GC. 

Huge thanks to the riders parents for the help in team car and feeding especially Pete Lawrence, Jo-Anne Perry and Oliver Wright. 

Final GC results.



We are excited to announce that this year the South-East have a regional team taking part in the prestigious Junior Tour of Wales starting on Friday 25th August. The Team is as follows : 

Ollie Robinson
Tobias Dahlhaus
Issac Wright
Toby Perry 

The JTW is a 5 stage race from Friday 25th August to Monday 28th August

Stage 1 - 9km hilly TT finishing top of the tumble
Stage 2 - 118km hilly road race finishing top of Rhigos
Stage 3  - 32km circuit race
Stage 4 - 93km flat road race
Stage 5 - 95km Queen stage finishing with 6km climb of the tumble (Av gradient of 8%) 

We will report how the team is going during the race but would like to wish them all the best of luck for the weekend 

Also taking part from the South-East is the strong VCL team: Fred Wright, Jacob Vaughan, Louis Winfield and is Tom Knight and also a team from Catford CC. Good luck to all

Stage 2 Result - 118 Km and overall

Really tough stage for the boys of the SE team today. They all showed really good determination to finish on top of the 4km Rhigos climb. The stage also had 5 other tough climbs in the 118km. Tobias is the best placed GC rider in 22nd place 1.29 down. He finished with the leading bunch on the mountain top finish 11secs behind the winner. All other SE riders finished with following position on GC after the hilly road stage and TT.

SE Team Overall

22nd Tobias Dahlhaus 1.29
71st Ollie Robinson 5.23
86th Toby Perry 13.26
91st Issac Wright 17.50 

Ollie also in the top 6 at 3 or 5 sprint primes today.
Hoping for some success in flatter stages tomorrow the 32km crit race and 95km road stage.
Well done to the boys.

SE Riders

Special well done Lewis Winfield VCL for fine 2nd place on stage today.

Tom Pidcock lead on GC with Fred Wright VCL second at 20secs.

    Stage 2, Abergavenny - Rhigos Mountain 26/08/2017 118.66km, 42.36km/h *PROVIS*
Pos Num Name Team Time
2 4 Lewis Winfield VC Londres 02:48:05
11 3 Jacob Vaughan VC Londres 02:48:16
12 1 Fred Wright VC Londres 02:48:16
30 24 Tobias Dahlhaus South East Region 02:48:16
32 2 Tom Knight VC Londres 02:48:27
51 58 Joe Hill Sussex Revolution VC 02:49:23
58 96 Edmund Bishop VC Meudon 02:49:39
69 27 Oliver Robinson South East Region 02:51:12
79 54 Anthony Anderson Sigma 02:55:45
80 42 Liam Davies Catford CC Equipe/Banks 02:55:45
86 26 Toby Perry South East Region 02:59:30
91 114 Isaac Wright South East Region 03:03:48
92 45 Ieuan Woods Catford CC Equipe/Banks 03:03:48


Stage 4 - 95Km

Good day for the team yesterday with Ollie Robinson 3rd place on stage 4 after being in a break for 90km of the 95km stage! Just missed out on the win by a wheels distance. Tobias remains the best rider on GC at 1.38 on 27th place.

Toby Perry and Issac Wright are working hard for the team and all 4 riders are still in the race before the queen stage today finishing up the final 7km climb of the Tumble.


Race Report from Isaac

I knew coming into the race that it was going to be tough. I had never done a proper stage race before like this. I found the second stage the hardest with it being the longest (120k). I was dropped with about 30k to go and rode to the finish at my own pace, rolling in 15 mins down on gc. After I knew the form wasn't there and it was just about getting round.

The crit was good fun and I finished about 60th, which was much better than the day before. The flat road stage brought a welcome change away from the hills and I rolled in with the main bunch.

The final stage was rolling until the Tumble which was the finishing climb. I didn't have the legs do anything before the finish, so I just waited in the bunch. The climb was brutal, especially on tired legs and I finished 50 something, which was my best result of the tour.

It was a shame that I didn't have any form going into it and didn't get the results I wanted. It was great fun to be part of a team.  A massive thanks to Colin and all the other parents who did a great job behind the scenes.

Isaac - South East Cycling Team


Race Report from Tobias

After coming 19th as a reserve last year I was really looking forward to racing the Junior Tour of Wales this year. I was listed as one to watch, which gave me some more confidence in the run up to the event.

The time trial went as well as it could have considering I was on a road bike. I ended up only 90 seconds down on the leader. On day two I wasn't feeling amazing but managed to hold onto the front group to climb up to 21st on GC on the hardest stage. Day three with the two stages was always going to be tough and the crit was the race I was dreading. I just about got round and only lost a handful of seconds. Coming into that afternoon stage I just stayed safe and rolled in with the bunch. I missed the move but it was good to see Ollie Robinson get in that and represent South East, coming in 3rd. 

By now I was down to 27th on GC and was disappointed in my performance.  The final day was one where I knew I could do well and fortunately, thanks to Ollie's help mid way through the race, I managed to stay with the leaders into the tumble. Here I just followed Pidcock and the other leaders up the climb to form a select group of 8. I made sure to save as much as I could to come past the others in the run up to the finish to take 3rd. This was a great result for me and helped me move up 15 places on GC to come 12th overall. A great result and a nice way to pick up my 1st cat in the process.

Tobias - South East Cycling Team


John Barclay's Junior Team Results in Belgium

John Barclay has been taking teams to Belgium for over 40 years. Some of the country's most high profile professional riders started their continental careers with John; Cav, David Millar, Super G to name but a few.

John has maintained links with all of the top promoters in Belgium and is nearly always on top of their invitation lists.

The South East Region is proud to be associated with these trips and helps fund some of the travel costs.

Below is a selection of the best 2016 results and 2017 results to date.



John's Reports

2016 UCI Registered Events

28th Feb Kuurne Brussel Kuurne  UCI  1.1  1st   place plus  2nd team

20th March Damme  UCI   1.1   2nd  place plus 2nd team

8/11th July  Kontich  UCI 2.1  
Stage one TTT delayed by accident  18th
Stage two 9th
Stage three/A TT 10th
Stage three/B  7th
Stege four 6th  plus 8th team
Final GC  points 9th plus 11th team

17th July Route des Geants  UCI 1.1  13th   place plus 4th team

20th August Inglemunster  1.14 NAT  9th place plus 11th team

21st August  Omloop der Vlaamse Gwesten  UCI  1.1  5th Place        

17/18th September  Keizer der Juniores  UCI 2.1
Stage one 6th and 10th
Stage two TT 6th
Stage three  13th
Final  GC 6th plus 6th team

2017 Results

26th Feb Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne 13th  18th place plus 9th team

4th March Harelbeke local race 1st 3rd 4th 5th 7th 8th 9th & 10th

5th March De Klijte local race 1st 2nd 3rd 6th 7th

19th March Guido Reybrouck Classic 1st & 5th place plus 1st team

John's Calendar

26th March Nations Cup race at Ieper on Sunday

23rd April E3 Priz Harelbeke we have good teams for both races with Jacob of course


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